Lancaster mum protests over family court actions


Lancaster mum Lian Harris tried to fasten herself to the second floor balcony of a court welfare officer as a protest against the family court system.

Lian, a member of the direct action group ‘Stop the war on dads’, tried to fasten herself to the balcony of a house in Ellel on Thursday evening but was disturbed by a property owner.

However, she did chain herself to the gates of the property to protest over what she says is corruption and bias within the family courts.

The home belongs to a court appointed senior Cafcass officer, Alexandra Sayer.

Cafcass are the court’s welfare reporting officers, who determine the outcome over children.

Lian, 41, said: “If the officer takes a personal dislike of you as was the case with me then quite simply you lose any involvement with your child.

“The taking of a personal dislike to the service user (parent) hardly makes the reporting process impartial.

“I would never dream of being a protester but the corruption within the family courts has left me with no option in order to have my voice heard.”

‘Stop the war on dads’ are well known for carrying out protests which include a Buckingham Palace security breach and more recently a protest on the balcony at the home of the former London mayor Boris Johnson.

Lian has also protested the Prime Minister David Cameron and Sir James Munby, the president of the family division of the high court, at their private family homes, and more recently at Westminster Cathedral when she voiced ‘Happy Birthday’ to her daughter along with other activists sporting a banner of her Facebook page ‘fighting for Alara’.

Following the protest at Ellel, Lian was charged by police with harassment and witness tampering.

A spokesman for the group said: ”It’s good to have mums join our group and currently we have five female members which can only show that family court injustice impacts on both genders to the point of them seeking solace via direct action.”

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