New Fathers 4 Justice – Five parental rights campaigners display a banner inside the Great Hall in the Houses of Parliament.

Late afternoon five parental rights campaigners breached House of Commons security and managed to display a banner inside the Houses of Parliament.

This is part of a campaign by  ‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ and Stop the War on Dads.


Bobby Smith and Sharon Chesterman both from Stevenage, Les Culshaw from Preston, Lian Harris and Michela Harris from Lancaster smuggled two banners past security and displayed them on the steps inside. They we eventually removed by armed Police.

It’s a good job the banner was not a bomb! They also accessed the public gallery.

New Fathers 4 Justice Give Me back Elmo (2)

The Police did not know who Bobby was despite the fact he was wearing his Give Me Back Elmo T Shirt and he was even able to put in a green card request to visit David Cameron. They obviously have not seen his selfie from Boris Johnson’s balcony.


The ease of how they got two banners inside was unbelievable……..It’s easier to get inside Parliament than to see your Children!

Bobby said: “Ever wondered what happens if you go into the Houses of Parliament and hold up a fathers rights banner? You get escorted out by armed police”

New Fathers 4 Justice Give Me back Elmo (3)