Campaigners stage rooftop protest at MP Angela Eagle’s constituency office

CAMPAIGNERS are staging a rooftop protest at the constituency office of Angela Eagle this afternoon.
Campaigners Samantha Johnson and Bobby Smith during rooftop protest at Angela Eagle’s constituency office this afternoon

The group ‘New Fathers For Justice – featuring fathers’ rights activist Bobby Smith and fellow campaigner Samantha Johnson – called for family law reforms after climbing onto the roof just after 1pm, dressed as superheroes.

Bobby, 34, from Stevenage has long campaigned for a change in the law.

He has not had proper contact with his daughters since 2011, because of what he describes as failings in the court system.

His fight began in 2014 and has seen him scale Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Joining him for the protest was Samantha Johnson, 31, from Liverpool, who has had issues with social services.

In a rooftop speech, Bobby – whose own campaign is called Give Me Back Elmo after his three daughters – demanded equal rights for fathers and grandparents. He also asked for family courts to be ‘opened up and brought in line with criminal courts’.

He told the Globe: “All we want is to make sure whoever leads Labour is that they address the right issues, like reform to the family law system.

“Angela Eagle has been on an ego trip from what I’ve seen with her pink bus everywhere.

“It’s time this leadership battle was sorted out, and Angela gets back to her everyday job and responsibilities.

“She needs to deal with issues affecting real people if she wants to have the respect of normal people.

“It’s time they had a reminder of their responsibilities.”

Merseyside Police confirmed they were in attendance on Manor Road following a report of a protest on a roof.

A spokesman said: “At about 1.10pm a report was received that a man and woman had climbed onto the roof using a ladder.

“Officers are in attendance and enquiries into this incident are ongoing.”



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