Poke-An- MP Go

While the world plays Pokemon Go, a hunt of another kind goes on for fathers denied access to their children.


Pokémon Go? Sure. Walk around and stare at your smartphone while hunting virtual monsters in an augmented-reality landscape.

But in the UK, a different desperate pastime is playing out. No smartphone needed. Nothing virtual or augmented about it. But there’s a lot of walking, plenty of hunting and loads of injustice in the UK’s family courts.

As fathers and mothers scale roofs we are not going to let MP’s ignore what’s happening in the secret family courts so have come up with a Poke-An- MP Go map.If you’re wondering “Who is my MP” then you’ve come to the right place. Use this Poke-An- MP Go map to find your Member of Parliament and send us your photo. You can also find many of your 2015 general election candidates.

It’s no good sitting at home getting depressed and getting upset at how much you miss your kids. You need to stand up and not accept what has happened.There’s no equality for fathers in family law.