Angry fathers scale Jeremy Corbyn’s house to stage protest on ROOF

IRATE fathers are staging a protest – on top of Jeremy Corbyn’s house.


At least two dads from the group New Fathers 4 Justice have scaled the Labour leader’s home and perched on the roof.

The pair unfurled banners from their lofty position as they stage a demonstration on fathers’ rights.

The men have been named as Bobby Smith, 34, and Martin Mathews, 49.

They are believed to be the same duo who held a similar rooftop protest atop MP Angela Eagle’s office last month. 


Police have rushed to the scene and cordoned off the road

Just days after she launched her ill-fated bid to be the next Labour leader, Mr Smith also climbed her office building and set up a tent on the roof.

He was also protesting fathers’ rights.

The father-of-two claims he has not seen his two daughters for five years.

Mr Matthews, from Surrey, is said to be protesting against new Prime Minister Theresa May.

One of the banners they are holding: “Stop the war on dads, Theresa May take it in your face”.

Another banner is believed to reference a child one of the men is in a custody battle over.

Activists from the New Fathers 4 Justice group staging a demonstration on the ro44 likes

Police have rushed to the scene and cordoned off the road, with paramedic vehicles on stand-by round the corner.

They first became aware of the protest, which has drawn a large crowd, around 10.30am on Friday morning.

Mr Smith claimed the pair were left with “no choice” but to hold today’s action.


Mr Corbyn lives in Finsbury Park, north London

He said: “We’ve got food and water and all that.

”We’ll stay here as long as we have to.

“We’re willing to do anything for our children.

One activist, Steven Rowland, 32, travelled from Crawley to support the protest. st.

Dressed in a Spiderman costume, he said: “I run ‘Stop the family courts and Cafcas from destroying our children’s future’.


“You are not going to beat the system. It’s been going for year. A lot fathers are angry, they are hurt.

“How can this happen? We have to try a new way now.”

It is thought the Islington north MP is not currently at home, as he is travelling around the country in the run-up to the upcoming Labour leadership contest.

The firebrand leftie is often filmed and photographed outside his Finsbury Park, in north London, home.