Fathers’ rights campaigners stage protest from roof of Jeremy Corbyn’s home

Fathers’ rights campaigners stage protest from roof of Jeremy Corbyn’s home

Protesters scaled the roof of Jeremy Corbyn’s London home today in a demonstration on fathers’ rights.

Bobby Smith, 34, and Martin Mathews, 49, clambered onto the roof of the Labour leader’s home in Finsbury Park for New Fathers 4 Justice this morning.

Corbyn Protest (2)

The pair were on the roof for the best part of eight hours before giving up around 6pm.

Mr Smith, who said he has not seen his two daughters for five years, said he was angry with the politician for his stance on shared parenting.

Speaking to reporters at the scene, he said: ‘In 2011 Jeremy was part of an All Party Parliamentary Group that blocked shared parenting.

‘In 2011 there was supposed to be a law to give fathers equal rights to their children, and Jeremy opposed it.

‘He said it didn’t work in Australia.

‘I tried to speak to him in March and he was really rude, and I asked him why he blocked shared parenting, and he didn’t want to speak about it.

‘I decided this is a better way of getting his attention.

Mr Matthews, who is from Great Bookham in Surrey, protest is aimed at Theresa May with the pair holding banners including ‘Stop the war on dads.’

Mr Corbyn is believed to be away travelling the country to drum up support in his leadership contest with Owen Smith.

Police cordoned off the road of terraced houses with two officers stopping people from walking down it as five paramedics stoodby.

Officers said they became aware of the protest at about 10.30am.