New Fathers 4 Justice Call LBC From Corbyn’s Roof

New Fathers 4 Justice climbed on top of Jeremy Corbyn’s roof for six hours today – they’ve come down now but here’s what happened when they phoned LBC from there.

The pair climbed onto the roof just before midday in a protest at Corbyn failing to engage with them over access rights for dads.

They say he’s been “very rude” when previously approached, leading to their action today. The street was closed off and up to 20 police officers were on the scene.

Bobby Smith, one of the protesters, spoke to Tom Swarbrick live on air just moments after the protest began:

“We’ve got food and water and all that,” Smith told LBC. “We’ll stay here as long as we have to. We’re willing to do anything for our children.

“Both of us would rather be home with our children right now, on the summer holidays, but we’re not – we have no choice but to do this.”


Despite those promises, Smith Tweeted at 5.30pm that they were calling off the protest

Mr Corbyn was not at home during the incident.